500 Kilomètres à cheval pieds nus

…les aventures de randonnée en France

500km on horseback – without horseshoes

Honeymoon and -little- modern-day adventure: we are going to treat ourselves to a long trek, with our horses, barefoot and bitless, as usual. Six weeks, that is the maximum amount of time at our disposal. Just how far will we get? The first objective is the source of the river Garonne – or rather, sources – and then the Val d’Aran in Spain. After that, we will strike out eastwards to pay a short visit to our friends from Equi Libre in Porta, Cerdagne. And then…everything depends upon the time remaining: it would be fantastic to be able to reacht the Med and Banyuls-sur-Mer before turning for home! A mad dream? No doubt. We shall see…