500 Kilomètres à cheval pieds nus

…les aventures de randonnée en France

New Team…

Tomorrow, Monday 16 April 2018, the 500km à Cheval team will be joined by two extra horses and two extra riders: Manon with her mare

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We have published two new pages for you under the EN heading: Equipment – Tack and Equipment – Pharmacy

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Reflections – Part V

[siteorigin_widget class= »SiteOrigin_Widget_Slider_Widget »][/siteorigin_widget] We awoke on the Col de la Serre du Cot to the impressive sight of mist in the valleys around us and the

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Reflections – Part III

Saint-Betrand-de-Comminges not only marked the end of our first week but also the end of the Via Garona, the newly inaugurated footpath from the Cathedral

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Banc à côté Garonne

First Reflections…

First of all, apologies to all our English language readers and followers – after a day’s riding, followed by pitching camp, preparing a meal and

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