1 October 2022 saw important changes in French law regarding the acquisition of cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits. This new piece of legislation applies whether an animal is given away free or sold to the new owner/keeper. There is no differentiation; thus, for example, if a dog breeder sells you a dog or if your […]

Autumn Dangers

Unlike the spring, autumn is not generally seen as being fraught with danger. In spring, we know that dewy mornings, balmy afternoons and young grass can provoke a life-threatening bout of laminitis. We know that the Ragwort (Jacobaea vulgaris), just starting to show itself, is a possible killer too. Conversely, the autumn is a season […]

The Farrier’s Follies

In this, the third of a series of three promised articles – about no topic in particular! –, I shall be looking at the follies of the farrier. What do I mean by that? Farriers consider themselves charged with treating ailments of the legs and feet – indeed, may jurisdictions consider that to be the […]

The Military Mindset

As always, there must be something to come between planning and reality. This article should of course been published about a fortnight ago; however, personal family circumstances intervened and took precedence. Here  – at last – is the second of three promised articles. In it, we discuss the general reasoning behind many of the activities […]

Scientific Research

The road to hell is paved with good intentions… I’m sure we can all relate to this well-known aphorism; I know I certainly can. I regularly try to pick up the pen and put down thought and information gleaned but, somehow, it gets pushed aside with everything else going on…horses, clients, clients’ horses… Everything is […]

August Reflections

September is here; with it the cooler days, the shorter evenings and a little more time to reflect on recent publications. Three items particularly caught my eye recently, the first being an article discussing the merits and demerits of booting horses; the second was what is termed these days an ‘advertorial’, part of an apparent […]

Course Planning and the Coronavirus

As, no doubt, everyone is aware, the coronavirus has disrupted equine events as much as any other. Here at Sabots Libres, we have felt the effects, partially in relation to our trimming activities but particularly in relation to our course programme. We would like to thank everyone who has contacted us this year, especially since […]

Human ⥈ Horse : the balance : Part Three

The final instalment in a series of three Last week, we looked at horse centricity and making life better.This week we round off with making the change and looking at where the problems lie. Making the change Maybe you are already well established in a good horse-human relationship. Maybe you feel the relationship between you […]

Human ⥈ Horse : the balance : Part Two

an article in instalments. Part Three will be published on 15 July. Last week, we finished by discussing dogma-driven, ego-driven and horse-centric. The dogma-driven rider is the one who, often under peer-pressure, resorts to the age old (mis-)conceptions of the horse in the traditional riding-world. The thoughts are with the horse, only tradition has put […]

Human ⥈ Horse : the balance : Part One

an article in instalments. Part Two will be published on 7 July. For most of us, confinement is behind us, albeit there are still restrictions in place for many. It has been a complicated time, probably because of its simplicity and lack of choices — stay in; don’t mingle; keep your distance. Right at the […]