1 October 2022 saw important changes in French law regarding the acquisition of cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits. This new piece of legislation applies whether an animal is given away free or sold to the new owner/keeper. There is no differentiation; thus, for example, if a dog breeder sells you a dog or if your […]

The Persecution of Ben Street

Recently, barefoot trimmer Ben Street was convicted under the British Animal Welfare Act for causing unnecessary suffering to a horse. According to the prosecution, Street had over-rasped and bevelled the hoofs causing pain. The prosecution was brought by the FRC (the Farriers’ Registration Council) and the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to […]

Sabots Libres Wiki

A collection of information and definitions from the equine world: many translated from Pierre Enoff’s original French Abécédaire Impertinant.

New Developments TWH Regulation


According to Fran Jurga’s Hoofblog, there are developments in the regulation of soring and other associated practices applied to Tennessee Walking Horses to initiate the so-called “Big Lick” The article speculates on the intentions behind a new member’s bill in the American house. You can read the article here.

The Sky Cried For You

Cira *28 February 1993 †21 November 2013 With great sadness in our hearts but with the knowledge that the right moment has come, we said farewell to a wonderful companion this morning. Cira came from the race track completely broken at three years old. Trained and raced from 18 months, she was “retired” injured. Happily, […]