Sabots Libres – “Free Hooves” (French)

Why “Free Hooves”? We talk about free hooves when there is no restriction in the natural growth and wear of a horse’s hoof. There is more than one factor that plays a role in this concept. Only when we have addressed all the considerations, can we truly speak of Sabots Libres.

It is very important to note that this concept is not a personal one. It is one approached by a growing number of practitioners – some with many years’ experience, some with less; some from practical backgrounds, some as bio-mechanical engineers or a combination. Therefore it is only correct to mention these people and, where possible, to link to their work. If anyone feels their work is part of this site and I have made no mention of them, please let me know.

Finally, this is not a quack theory but it is certainly a theory that raises questioning eyebrows among the established order. My particular thanks to Pierre Enoff for showing me his film of the Equestrian Congress in Paris where these theories were anihilated by those “experts” – only to be proved true by the story of Italie that was interwoven in the film.