Since all adverts referring to the services provided by Sabots Libres direct to this website, every client of Sabots Libres has been offered the possibility to read these conditions of service.

  1. All actions carried out are done so with the utmost care – however, horses are living creatures, each of which can show a different reaction to a similar action. Responsibility for laming, making sensitive or painful or any other reason for the (temporary) unusability of the horse, or for wounds, hoof ulcers, abcesses etc. will not be accepted.
  2. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, all payments are to be payed immediately and in cash.
  3. Possible discount will only be given for trimming costs.
  4. The application of a discount over two or more locations only by prior agreement.
  5. Shared discount will not be (fully) applied when the number of horses to be trimmed is less than that which was agreed upon for the discount.
  6. Travel expenses will only be shared by prior agreement and only when all the locations to be visited are within a radius of 15km.