Last Sunday was spent at open day at de Poedertoren in Herselt, Belgium where they specialize in free roaming, and unshod, bitless riding.
Emiel Voest gave his demonstration of Freestyle training – not completely unlike what I try to accomplish.
Jossy Reinvoet gave his demonstration around his recent conversion to the Equestrian High School.
And Koen Thys demonstrated how not to trim hooves in deep soft sand! To be fair to him, nothing wrong with his techniques – and much of our findings and solutions are similar or the same – but he was demonstrating in a display ring, complete with a deep layer of soft sand. And with a less cooperative horse. She was a little too affected by all the goings on in the other ring and kept wanting to wander off; this meant he had to keep cleaning out the hoof to demonstrate his technique.
Still. All in all, a good day out.