Hay and the Draughthorse…

Laika has been fed a variety of things since her arrival at the farm: maize, feed pellets, bread/breadcrumbs, apples, carrots, hay etc.
Her general performance and stamina have always been somewhat unpredictable – the one moment full of energy and the next like a snail. She could trot a fair distance but always needed encouragement and a gallop was generally just over very short distances.
A few weeks ago, I stopped feeding her anything except hay and that what is in the pasture. The transformation was almost immediately noticeable. Although the muscle tone still needs to adapt to a more anaerobic process, she already has far more energy and much greater stamina. She will trot at a steady rate for long distances and needs little or no encouragement to stay in the trot.
And that after trying all sorts of combinations…!