The Planning – 2013

For Sabots Libres, 2013 should prove an exciting year; rolling out at least two new concepts and expanding horizons.

The concept of Subscription Trimming is in itself not new – not unlike a season ticket, it entitles you to a set number of trims within a given period for a fixed price. More information about subscription trimming will be available in the coming days.

More interesting is the second concept – Sabots Libres CdR. For really effective rehabilitation of severly damaged hooves, for whatever reason, the ideal situation is to give the horse permanent access to the right sort of surface to walk upon, and a very regular trimming routine. For most owners, this is very difficult to arrange and for this reason, Sabots Libres CdR looks to providing these facilities.

Expanding horizons, Sabots Libres hopes to become more accessible for customers further afield. Already in the pipeline is a workshop tour in central England and an experimental tour round a number of traditionally shod Randonnée herds in France.

We hope to see you in 2013!