Salon du Cheval or Salon de la mafia


One always has a reason to love horses” proclaimed the poster campaign for the recent Salon du Cheval de Paris
Loving the horse is respecting it, says colleague and friend Pierre Enoff in his latest book, “Le Silence des Chevaux” (The Silence of the Horses).

Invited to present his “Plea for a new equestrian world” Enoff travelled 1600km in response to this invitation.
Interviews were recorded on the salon’s TV platform but have been censured.
Obviously too radical, the recording has not been transmitted.
In the past, Pierre Enoff has been unable to present his work to the equine research days organised by the Haras Nationaux. This censure shows us the point at which this book is disruptive for the institutions,  disruptive but indispensable for the equestrian world to finally respect horses and engage riders in a serene relationship with their horses.