Trimming Course Level 2 (Porta, France)

Two day level 2 hoof trimming course (in French) in the beautiful Pyrenees.

Day 1. Theory

Distribution of educational material
Morning – Objective: evaluation and revision of Level 1
  • Welcome and introduction.
  • Collection of questions.
  • Work terrain & the law.
  • Equine physiology.
  • The rules of kinetic damping.
Afternoon – Objective: The pathologies
  • Interpretation of radiography & lameness.
  • Post deshoeing.
  • Differentiation of lameness.
  • Explanation of diagnoses.
Day 2. Practical
Distribution of tools
Morning – Objective: Evaluation scenario
  • Recap of tools used.
  • Analysis of the workplace.
  • Methodology and revision of safety.
  • Hoof care and trimming horses.
Afternoon – Objective: Treatment of special cases
  • Pathological case studies.
  • Revision of the training.
  • Evaluation of the course.
Data: 17 & 18 augustus 2015

The course starts at 09:00 – students may arrive on Sunday evening (there is a small supplement for an extra meal and night)
Includes 1 night, 2x lunch, 1x evening meal (Monday).

Note: this course is intended for students who have already participated in the Level 1 course. 

For more information you can make use of the form below: