Trimming Course Level 2 (Porta, France)

Two day level 2 hoof trimming course (in French) in the beautiful Pyrenees. Day 1. Theory Distribution of educational material Morning – Objective: evaluation and revision of Level 1 Welcome and introduction. Collection of questions. Work terrain & the law. Equine physiology. The rules of kinetic damping. Afternoon – Objective: The pathologies Interpretation of radiography & lameness. Post deshoeing. Differentiation of lameness. […]

Transhumance d’Automne 2013

In less than four weeks we will have begun the 2013 edition of the “Transhumance d’automne”. Twice a year, a herd of ±70 horses, of which 15 are ridden, are led over the Pyrenees from Porta, in de Vallée de Carol to Denis in the Aude. This journey takes four days in the late autumn […]